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As I have already mentioned in our Welcome, my wife Dorothy and I were actively involved for 18 years in a ministry of reconciliation and intercessory prayer here in Ireland. This was to lead me on a journey of research, into some aspects of Irish/UK history, and then in more recent years the devastating consequences that has had on other nations through Empire expansion.

I am convinced that when nations move out into the world to develop for themselves an empire, and in the process, conquer other nations and people groups - and especially if we have done it with a sword in one hand and a Bible in the other, as France, Spain, Portugal and England did - it has had devastating consequences for those who were conquered, even to this day! Not only culturally, but also, as is the case with the Native American Nations, many have been inoculated against an accurate presentation of Christ and have therefore rejected Him and the healing/salvation that He wants to bring to them.

The purpose of this website is in part to speak into that, with a desire to align ourselves to the calling God has given to all of us as Christians - “… the ministry of reconciliation…” (2 Corinthians 5:19)

That at times means we need to take a fresh look at ‘Our Story’, and if needs be, take off our ‘rose-tinted spectacles’ and put on a fresh pair, to see things from God’s. If we are open to that, God will want us to put the ‘plumb line’ of His Kingdom principles into the midst of the church and nation, with the purpose of seeing His redemptive plans fulfilled. What we are doing is aligning ourselves to the prayer Jesus taught us to pray - “Your Kingdom, Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”

So - why this website?

Here in Ireland, I want to:

  • Provide information for the leadership and members of the Churches in Ireland regarding the nature of the spiritual battle that we are all currently involved in - the fruit of centuries of many unresolved negative interactions. Something that each of my books in differing ways speaks into.


  • Give insight for the Christians of Ireland (and further afield in the Diaspora, etc) who want to earnestly intercede for Ireland. So much of what we pray for (and rightly so) is at a ‘fruit’ level, but I believe that God is calling us to pray into the deeper ‘root’ issues. Jeremiah understood this when he writes, “They have healed the wound of my people lightly, saying peace, peace, when there is no peace” (Jeremiah 8:11. RSV). Cessation of violence here in Ireland does not necessarily constitute peace – God’s peace, shalom!


  • My most recent book, “A Tree has Roots”, does exactly just that – explore “the deeper root issues!”

It will also supplement my books, as well as provide links to other websites, books, etc., which I have found to be of value on my journey. I also hope that the blog will enable me to keep folks up to date with what is currently on my heart as I continue this journey.

In the USA as in Ireland, I have found that we tend to have a selective recall regarding many aspects of their history. Someone has said, “history is written by the winners” which means that we airbrushing out of our story the painful things we have done to others. White American history did not begin with the Mayflower landing! The reasons the Puritans and the Scotch-Irish came to North America is connected to centuries of empirical history in Europe - we need to grasp the implications of that. That knowledge and its implications are immense!!

The Vision

Latest book now available. You can buy copies for yourself, your church leader(s) or friends, from me by cheque or Bank Transfer. Please message me your address.


Mob: + 44 07766178869


Cost: £6.99 + £2.10 postage (UK).

The Euro equivalent for 1 copy, incl p&p, is approximately €11.


For 5 copies or more, I can sell them to you at £5.99 each + postage (UK). 


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